Saturday, 15 August 2015

Happy Independence Day.

Independence Day is a day of celebration to remind ourselves that independence is not just a state to be observed but rather experience it in all walks of life, at every stage in our lives and expand our awareness and horizon to achieve success & happiness always.
Happy Independence Day .

Friday, 10 July 2015


Thundering, lightning  and heavy rains are natural phenomenon across India in the month of July. Sitting at the windowsill sipping my green tea, I could hear only the sound of falling rain and a beautiful view of mist and lush greens till the horizon. Birds flocked on tree branches for shelter and animals took to shelter under a huge banyan tree. Rain fills the air with love and calmness. Rarely, do I get a chance like this to sit and simply stare into oblivion and enjoy the beautiful melody of rain. It was nostalgic. 

My mind suddenly got wandering into the memory lane four decades ago. Almost 40 years ago in the month of July on a rainy day as this, a pretty, adorable, radiant angelic baby was showered with blessings and flowers from heaven at birth on planet earth. The Aggarwal family was blessed with a divine soul. One good karma is enough to help us sail through our life's journey. It was good karma of the new born and Aggarwal family that brought them together.

Ambika grew up to be a simple beautiful girl, but she used to be under the influence of others. Never did she realize that it is important in the physical world where we live in, to have ones own identity and thinking. As nature has it, she learnt this truth with each passing year and life's experiences.

Ambika was the apple of everyone's eye. She loved playing with her older brother, sister, parents, grand-parents, neighbors, friends and almost everybody and would spread her love. She never said no for any chores or help asked by others. She was high on energy and unconditional love. She was ever ready to do odd jobs not only for her family but also for her neighbors, friends and whoever asked her. With every growing year Ambika was found more on the playground than at home; laughing, playing and making merry with all. The one thing that 5 year old Ambika enjoyed the most was, secretly going for toffee shopping with her grandmother, without her mothers knowledge. This was grand daughter and grandmother's top secret, they thought. But a mother is a mother. Nothing can ever be hidden from her - she knows it all !! Seeing the joy and love in the innocent eyes of families senior and junior generation, mother used to be filled with immense love and always choose to be naive about it. 

Ambika was a pious soul. She would sing chants and read prayers along with her grandmother and parents. As delusion has it, she grew up and was attracted to all the worldly things that a normal person is inclined to. Ambika went through many odds before understanding life and reality. Innocent that she was and deeply attuned with the Divine, that she saw love in all and had faith and trust in all. As a teenager and a young adult she entrusted her love not in one or two but several relationships. Unfortunately non were true love.

Ambika stood tall, centered and composed in spite of all odds. Optimistic nature and belief that benefit of doubt must be given to others always guided her. With every bitter experience she had something to learn. She never let her energy go down. She held her head high with optimism, love, faith and trust. She believed that the sequence of occurrences in her life had a deep cosmic reason and now she was free to move forward. She always gave love and blessings to all, even those who ill behaved with her. This helped her move ahead in life.

It had stopped raining . Raindrops falling on my hand gave a tingling sensation and brought me back to the present from the past nostalgic memory. The view outside the window pane was also clear now, but my mind was still thinking of Ambika. How much full of life, vibrancy, positivity, unconditional love for all did she have in her heart in spite of all the odds that she had faced. 

What is Love? What is it that always kept Ambika composed in spite of all odds in her life? The questions were flooding my mind when suddenly two beautiful rainbows appeared and filled the sky with radiant vibrant light, colors, joy and love. The beautiful rainbow answered my questions . 

Love is the spark of our life. Love for spouse, children, parents,  family, relatives, friends and everyone fills us with positivity and optimism. Love is a state of joy. Love is to have faith, belief and trust. Love is being calm and composed with own self at all times. Love is not confined and defined by any tittle or name. It is boundless. Love need not be expressed by touch, passion or lust. It is felt in the heart!

Love is to serve others, help people  and share with others. Love is to see joy and happiness in the eyes of those for whom you choose to do a task without any expectation of recognition and appreciation by them in the society. Love is doing for others without showing or telling them what good you do for them. True love is unconditional, boundless without any expectation. Open your heart to love others, help others and share with others. 

Last week I met a friend for coffee after many years. Today, he is one of the most reputed, highly recognized and respected entrepreneur in the corporate world. He has achieved several merits and accolades by hard work, perseverance, dedication and determination. He is ever filled with love to help others in every possible way. But at one point in our conversation he said that he is disheartened. He said that although I help friends with open heart they have never returned back the same love with gratitude. And I told him that the moment you extend your hand to help someone financially or non financially, do it with open heart and without any expectation of it coming back. When you give something to others, give it with openness  as a gift and non-expectancy of returns. When you do good to others, nature always pays you back in some way or the other. Patience with others is Love.

Love is forgiveness. Help others with willingness, love and zero expectation for a composed and a happy you. Anything done with conditional love has grief and pessimism attached to it. But unconditional love brings a smile on your face, opens your heart and teaches you to move forward in life.

Love is to be a shoulder when a dear one is low, instead of fighting and arguing with them. Love is to Love and bless the Love of your life without any expectation to love you back.

Love is not always in context of spouse or family only. We feel love in our hearts for many. Just open your heart and let the love flow unconditionally.

Love & Light.